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13 Apr , 2020

Virtual Events – Is it your best choice for a hybrid event?

Virtual events have quite recently taken the event industry by a storm — and for good reason. Well, virtual events have been the buzz for quite some time, especially in times of a pandemic that’s been a great case of concern around the world. However, if you evaluate the trend considering the event matrix of the Indian Event Industry – we haven’t explored its full potential yet.
As event professionals, the word Virtual Event Management would have crossed paths with you quite often. Let’s break it down for simpler understanding – what exactly is a virtual event?
In simple terms, it’s a traditional face-to-face event attendance transferred to an online platform. Not only can you host them from anywhere in the world, but it’s highly cost effective, high rate of engagement with potential clients/ customers, a great tool for lead generation & also a great opportunity to gain online visibility for your brand.
Why go for a virtual event when you can leverage the benefits of an in-person, face-to-face event?
It’s quite simple.

  • Accessibility – Reaches a wide range of audience across demographics. Easy access to anybody around the world.
  • Budget – In terms of cost, this would be the best & most feasible option for your business. If you’re a boutique agency or a small scale or large scale business firm looking to connect with members stationed at various points, VEM is a cost effective alternative.
  • Unforeseen Events – At a crucial point, such as an unforeseen ban/epidemic/pandemic/or a natural calamity, you’re forced to either cancel or postpone your scheduled event. That’s where VEM comes into the frame. Your saving grace, alas!

A comprehensive range of services for clients looking to connect to their business community with the same ambience, sessions and networking space as a physical event are currently available. Though virtual events is a great way to add to your digital presence, we understand that it cannot completely replace face-to-face interactions. However, combing the power of robust technology softwares like Cvent, EventBank and others, you can offer an enthralling online experience to your clients. The core features include:

  •  Event Website
  •  Event Registration
  •  Live Presentations
  •  Live Audio/Video Conferencing
  •  Session Recording
  •  Communication/Correspondence
  •  Designing & Promo
  •  Virtual Expo
  •  Programme Scheduler
  •  Ceremonial Functions & Entertainments
  •  Feedback & Survey

By combining aspects of web meetings, webinars, conferencing & social networking, virtual events have the potential to offer a truly engaging and stimulating attendee experience. That’s what we’re here to offer.

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