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19 Mar , 2020

Event Management Challenges And How To Solve Them

In the present scenario, Event Management Companies are sprouting up everywhere like mushrooms. It is a multi-million dollar industry seeing the rising trend. Competition in this industry is at its summit. The goal of every such company should be a hassle-free and customized event at quality standards.

Today, event management is a fusion of project management and applied technology. It is dynamic and ever-evolving with newer technology innovations. The need for the hour is a tech-savvy event management company capable of multitasking with ease giving the clients a synchronized and seamless experience to remember.

The growth of this industry in India has been phenomenal. Everything from a private party to a public conference comes under the realm of event management. Events in India are broadly classified into entertainment events, trade fairs/exhibitions, corporate events, social events, and educational events.

An event manager has to take care of a host of responsibilities across various platforms to make any event a huge success. Ideation and planning, budgeting and financial management, event marketing, media coordination, and PR, etc are some essentialities of event management.

As quoted by ET, the Event and Entertainment Management Association (EEMA) report state that the Event Management industry is set to see humungous growth and expected to cross Rs.10,000 Crore mark by 2020-21.

The Event Management industry is fraught with challenges. Success here is dependent on teamwork. An event if handled by an inexperienced team is bound to see failures and setbacks, not to mention the bad publicity and unhappy clients. Only a dedicated and dynamic team is capable of overcoming these obstacles and converting them into opportunities.

Let us run through very briefly some challenges faced by the Event Management Industry and how to overcome them.

Creativity at a Budget: Most people want out-of-the-box events, exclusive events, but at a budget that is shrinking each day. Here the challenge is financial and the solution is to come up with creative resolutions that are cost-effective. Good marketing skills in handling different vendor costs come handy here.

Picking the Right Venue: If left to the event management company, this factor is not much of a hurdle. If however, clients are particular about venues, it can be difficult if it does not fall in line with the budget. Also, an unfamiliar venue calls for physical site inspection and extensive research.

Sometimes, the venue is unfeasible, taking into consideration the overall big picture. Then, use your persuasion skills and make the client aware of the reasons and implications involved. Most clients do understand and accept that you are more knowledgeable about the intricacies involved and accede.

Climate Issues: The weather can play a spoilsport at any time. It is a challenge that event managers need to be well prepared for. Having a backup plan ready is the smart alternative to combat climate changes, especially if the event is an outdoor event.

Audience Engagement:  Technology has come a long way. Automation in almost everything and everything is available at a click. Yet, what garners attention is the human touch. The more the guests are involved and find an event engaging, the higher the likelihood of success of that event.

The well-looked after guests, at an event, remembers the courtesy and comfort for long after. Satisfied audience spells the grand success of an event. Train the team to be courteous in meeting client expectations. Conceptualize and execute ways to keep the audience actively engaged. In this industry, good feedback is vital for growth.

Safety & Security:  In current times, event managers cannot ignore this challenge. The higher the level of the event, the higher the level of security should be. Staying alert and vigilant and competent to adapt to last-minute requirements is the way forward.

Getting Sponsors: The event management industry is sponsor-led. Marketing and sponsorship go hand-in-hand. This helps in reaching out to a larger target audience. Getting the right sponsors on board goes a long way in promoting the event management company. For sponsorship, an event manager should dare to be different and offer uniqueness to ensure the event is sponsorship worthy. Knowing the target audience is critical.

Increasing Rentals: Venue scouting is the primary step in the execution of an event. The upward trend in rentals in India is a serious issue in this regard. With decreasing budgets and increasing rentals, this one calls for some serious decision-making in the budgeting aspect. It calls for moderating and fine-tuning other expenses if need be.

Last but not least; a good event management team should be able to handle any short-notice changes with finesse, taking the stress off from the client. Keeping extra cash handy for emergencies, finishing the tasks before the scheduled time to have some time to check things over, creating checklists to ensure nothing is left out, are only some traits of a dedicated team.

The ability to think and act fast and come up with rational functional solutions is the hallmark of a good event management team. Despite all the skills, as the saying goes, if something has to go wrong, it will. When life is dynamic and ever-changing, can an event be static? Being honest and professional will sail you through.

There is always some last-minute madness and chaos at events. The perfect way to handle it is to be calm and not show anxiety and fear. Put your best foot forward at every event and leave a lasting impression. To find out more on strategic tips, give us a call and we are happy to help!

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