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20 Mar , 2020

Vibrant Wedding Trends To Watch Out For In 2019

Weddings in India are a blend of opulence and magnificence.  Indian wedding trends spell captivating environments, burst of colors, vibrant and gorgeous outfits, exquisite jewels, elegant décor, et al. and why not? It marks a new beginning, a stepping stone, a new journey of life. It ought to be special and how!

In India, it marks the coming together of two families and not just two individuals. Indian weddings are popular the world over for their vibrancy, extravaganza, the many rituals involved, and festivities spanning a few days.

Wedding planners come to our rescue when it comes to planning a perfect wedding. Our desires augmented by their valuable inputs are executed into the most fabulous weddings ever. These days, wedding planners, with their expertise, look into the finest details across all events. They take the burden off our shoulders so we can enjoy the festivities, lost in sweet abandon.

Like fashion trends, wedding trends are also ever-evolving. Today, weddings are more personalized, customized, and more about the couple. There are some fun and quirky trends followed by the Millennials. Read on to know what these new raging trends are.

Destination Weddings:  Gone are the days where a wedding was typically hosted in wedding halls. India is blessed with an abundance of beautiful and breathtaking landscapes. More and more couples are opting for exotic locales as the venue for their Big Day.

Resorts, backwaters, and even forts of the North are all the rage today. The most popular locales for destination weddings are Kerala, Goa, Jaipur, Udaipur, Alibaug, Hyderabad, Mussoorie, and Shimla. This trend is only set to see the upward trend going into 2020 as well.

Color Palette: From the décor to the clothes that the couple wear, everything is vibrant in a wedding. 2019 has seen the bride and groom’s clothes in some amazing colors that looked gorgeous. The maroons and reds are no longer customary. Couples are more experimental and dare to break the norms. From purple, blue, pinks, to coral, the Pantone color of 2019, the colors in vogue are vivacious and full of life.

Eco-Friendly Weddings: The Millenials are all well educated and conscious about their duty towards the environment and society. They do not shy from adapting to beneficial measures. Using eco-friendly items in décor and eco-friendly tableware is becoming a norm. Biodegrading wastes generated and donating to charity the excess food are some other measures that are in trend and should see a rise in 2020. Give to the society you live in.

Intimate and Private Weddings:  Millennials no longer want to call all and sundry.  They prefer close family and friends, people who matter. Makes sense does it not? After all, it is your family who stands by you all times. So spend the life-changing moments with near and dear ones.

Return to the Roots:  Couples are returning to their roots. All planning is in keeping with traditional values. The décor is nature-inspired and traditional complete with flowers. It is a return to the classic. The rituals involved too are elaborate and traditional. With wedding planners taking the stress off of the couple, they enjoy the rituals and traditions more than before.

Pre-Wedding photoshoot: This is one trend that everyone is well-aware of. It is that prevalent in India right now, though originally from the Western culture. It is a trend where engaged couples organize a professional photoshoot in special locations before the wedding, completely customized. In cases of arranged marriage, this trend allows the couple to know each other better.

For long, Indians have been in awe of celebrities. They are the lead characters of their story to be and go all out and have fun during the pre-wedding photoshoot. These are often spunky, quirky, movie-inspired, or classic themes. It could be a shoot with frames, different props, a shoot at night under the stars, miniature photography, popular locales as backdrops, historic locales, backwaters, Bollywood inspired, etc.

Photo Booth:  In the selfie-crazy and social-media-savvy world of today, can a photo booth not be a part of the wedding festivities? Despite the presence of a photographer and videographer, this trend is set to rise. The guests are more than willing to strike a pose and get their pictures at the creative photo booths. It is a good way to keep the guests engaged and entertained. This yet again adds a fun element to the festivities, allowing all the guests to be footloose.

Dance Performances: Again inspired by Bollywood this! The couple getting married are no longer shy and demure in front of their families. They believe in dancing their way through their weddings. Couples these days take the words “in the limelight” a notch higher and give well-choreographed dance performances solo and along with their close friends and family members.

The revelry of the wedding makes one and all forget their inhibitions and dance their hearts out. This calls for a lot of prior preparation and hard work though. The choreographers pitch in to get things rolling smoothly.

Ultimately, no two weddings these days are alike. There are a host of customization options that wedding planners provide. In line with the trends, they provide innovative and fresh ideas that reflect your style and personality. In 2019 and even the coming year 2020, customization will rule all aspects and all trends. It is all about giving it a personal touch such that it bespeaks of who you are.

Stay tuned to our articles to get a deep scoop on our up-to-the-minute wedding trends and celebrations!

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